The Rally committee is created by A.A. members who wish to volunteer to help plan and organize the rally. We begin to meet monthly in early spring of each year.

How you can help

Everyone is welcome to the committee meetings. Even if you’re not sure how you can be of service, show up anyway. There are always things to do. Contact the committee for Rally meeting dates and location.

The general committee consists of several sub-committees. There are several positions and committees for which you can volunteer:

  • concession
  • coffee
  • catering
  • breakfasts
  • BBQ
  • setup and teardown
  • maintenance
  • and more

Chair a committee: attend all rally meetings, provide reports at each meeting, budgeting (if applicable), organization of your committee members.

Participate on a committee: attend rally meetings, help committee chair to prepare for the rally in advance, take on responsibility of specific tasks at the rally.

Lend a hand at the rally: if you can’t be part of the planning, we very much appreciate when someone just shows up the weekend of the rally and pitches in to help, especially at the end for cleanup. Service work is always appreciated. Help set up chairs, replenish coffee stations, get the halls ready for the next meeting… whatever you can do will be appreciated.

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